“This is a movie that will inspire you!”


“A charming story told in a thrilling manner, the plot of Indescribable kept us glued to our seats. We laughed, we hoped, and we cried. But most of all, we developed an appreciation for how deep the “Love of God” truly is. The cast is superb, the humor wholesome, and the moral profound. We’re proud to offer Indescribable our wholehearted endorsement and our stamp of approval.”
~ The Texas Home School Coalition

“My children and I enjoyed watching Indescribable together. I have long admired the hymn “The Love of God” but had no idea of the story behind it. Congratulations to all the families involved in the making of this film.”
~ Jeff Myers, Ph.D., President, Summit Ministries

“What impressed me as I watched with 3 of our grandchildren ages 5-9 was their quietness and reflective, pensive spirit when at the end of the picture, Christ was considered as Savior and Lord. It had a profound effect on them. I thank God for this vehicle, Indescribable.”
~ Pastor “Little Bear” Richard Wheeler, Mantle Ministries

“Truly awesome with a godly, historical message and so professionally done.”
~ Pastor Glen Yoder, Bible Baptist Church Kahoka, Mo.

“Truly a thumbs up rating! We did not find any element of compromise in the casting, set or filming of this movie. This movie is a family must see for inspiration, adventure and humor. This story is the true story of one of our most beloved hymn stories come to life! Filmed right here in Texas, it was a delight to see some of our friends faces as extras.”
~ Rachel Vogel, Nest Films Movie Review

Excited audience at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival